24 Hr Crisis / Information Hotline


KRCC is a recognized community partner that provides a liaison between individuals, the court system, law enforcement and other community partners dealing with substance abuse.



Assessments include a clinical interview, Kentucky Assessment Battery, 20-hour pre-treatment, outpatient therapy (group and individual) and referral to residential treatment, if a higher level of care is needed or another program is requested. DUI services are offered at each KRCC Outpatient Office. Referral by the courts or other DUI program is required.



These services include assessment, referral, individual and group therapy, consultation, education, residential treatment, after-care and case management for individuals determined eligible for Drug Court Services. Referrals must be received from the court officer, usually following alcohol/drug related charges or testing positive on a drug screen.



This program targets youth under the age of 21, who have become involved with the courts due to violence and/or alcohol, tobacco or other drugs, or driving while impaired. The mission of the program is to educate adolescents to make low risk choices, improve family relations and reduce the recidivism rate of first and second time juvenile offenders.



The KRCC Regional Prevention Center provides consultation, training, education and technical assistance to community members, service providers, church and civic groups, in the planning and implementation phases of substance abuse prevention strategies.
The Resource Library at the Prevention Center offers an extensive selection of materials and curriculum on substance abuse prevention and treatment, violence prevention, conflict resolution and other mental health related issues.

The Regional Prevention Center provides speaking engagements for any group, when requested.

For more information, about KRCC's Prevention Center, simply call 866-213-8739 or 606-436-4124.

The Prevention Resource Library is open from 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.