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KRCC provides a Therapeutic Rehabilitation program for people with serious mental illness, who require less than 24 hours of care a day but more than outpatient counseling. Services are designed to promote social, personal adjustment and daily living skills. Adults in the program are encouraged to retain control of their lives, to set their own goals and to participate fully in decisions affecting their future.



KRCC provides Case Management services to assist consumers with their medical, education, social and other support needs. Recipients must be at least 18 years of age, have an Axis I Diagnosis of severe mental illness (as defined in the DVMIV, American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and not be in immediate danger to themselves or others. They must not be actively abusing substances.



This program is a comprehensive approach to identifying and treating depression for mothers In Home-Visiting programs. The Program includes 15 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions of 55 minutes each plus a "booster" session.



(Addressing Dimensions of Domestic Violence Addiction Needs through Community Effort ) is located in Perry County and primarily serves residents of Perry County. Project ADDVANCE is an intensive treatment program that assists women with substance abuse or dependence who are also overcoming trauma from an abusive relationship. Project ADDVANCE serves women who are eligible for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).



The Incredible Families Program is a home visiting services model designed to work with families caring for children birth to 18 with limited resources. The program also works with foster families caring for children from birth to 18, families with children placed out of home, and first time expectant parents who need support. Our program provides individual treatment, family intervention, and parenting skills. Every family enrolled in the Incredible Families Program will receive a minimum of 2 hours per week of services.



Solutions works with other community agencies in a professional team setting to provide quality complete treatment. Solutions is a program for women which: Provides compassionate, innovative, and quality client care in a safe and supportive environment; Directs intensive treatment for women addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs; Manages intensive treatment programs for women with mental health, trauma, and/or behavioral health issues; Educates and empowers women to obtain their optimal health; Offers education related to personal and family safety and access to Domestic Violence Advocacy services.



Integrated services program (ISP) is the coordination of providing behavioral health and physical health services. Through ISP, we can provide better healthcare by caring for people's needs as a whole. We focus on behavioral health while taking into consideration all factors that may affect one's physical health. Referrals can be made between KRCC staff and all KRCC partners.



KRCC provides a broad array of programs to meet the needs of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. These programs and services are designed to:

  • Provide services for adults with intellectual disabilities who are 18 years or older.
  • Educate each individual on the issues of abuse and neglect so they can protect themselves.
  • Each of our Residential Houses include 24-hour per day staffing.



Available in Letcher, Breathitt and Perry counties. Program Opportunities include:

  • Vocational Skills
  • Socialization Skills
  • Survival Skills
  • Budgeting Skills
  • Banking Skills
  • Physical Fitness Activities
  • Opportunities to travel and experience other communities



We match and encourage the individual's skills with proposed job duties and the employers with the individuals. Each individual has an on-site job coach to assist them in their duties. The job- coach encourages good work ethics. The job-coach is provided at no cost to the individual or the employer. We follow up with the individual and the employer to ensure the placement is appropriate and the individual is accomplishing his/her duties. Work independence is the key for the individuals in our program. We inspire each individual to work independently within his/her community.



Consumer Directed Option (CDO) gives Medicaid waiver members more choices in the way some of their Medicaid services are provided. With CDO, you can choose who will provide the services that you need, as well as how, when and where the services will be provided.



Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver provides adult day training, community living supports, respite and supported employment for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.



Michelle P. (MP) waiver is a combinationo of the HCB and SCL waivers. It provides adult day training, attendant care, community living supports, homemaker, personal care, respite and supported employment for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.



This program is a home visiting program providing In-Home Cognitive Behavior Therapy for pregnant women, or women up to 18 months post partum with a diagnosis of Major Depression disorder. All clients are referred by the HANDS home visitors with the local health departments. This program allows a licensed, Masters level therapist to provide 15 sessions of In-Home CBT to women who are suffering from maternal or post-partum depression. Sessions are 1 hour per week for 15 weeks, with a Booster session 1 month later.



  • Case management
  • Community Living Support (CLS)
  • Behavioral Supports
  • Respite
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Co-occurring therapeutic Rehabilitation


For more information and referrals please call:
606-436-5761 (Option #4)