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Individual, group, family therapy and medication management services are provided for children, adolescents and adults. Licensed professionals (including psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers) are available at the KRCC clinics, schools and other designated sites within the community. Parent and child support groups, art and expressive therapies are also available.
KRCC conducts comprehensive psychological assessment for treatment planning and diagnostic clarification. We also provide evaluations to respond to court orders to assess competency and dangerousness or to assist with placement in foster care, for residential treatment, etc...



School-Based Therapy is a service provided by a KRCC School-Based Therapist and delivered at a particular school. This program offers the majority of therapeutic services for youth regarding mental health and/or substance abuse issues, within the school they attend such as; attending to mental health emergencies, working with families and other agencies to meet the needs of the youth, referring clients to other services as necessary, reporting abuse and neglect when necessary to the Dept. of Community Based Service Division of Protection and Permanency.



Family network facilitators are available to all parents with children that have a disability. The facilitator provides families with individual and group support, training, information and advocacy. These services may be provided within the home, the school or other community sites convenient for the families.



KRCC's Early Childhood Specialists provide therapy for children between the ages of birth and five. If your child has been diagnosed with a social, emotional or behavioral disorder, or you think he/she may have one, help can start here. We intend to enhance mental health services for children ages birth to five and their families in order to better meet their social, emotional, and behavioral needs.



The Early Childhood Mental Health Program was created to promote the social and emotional development of young children ages birth to five. Early Childhood Mental Health Specialists are employed by the Regional Community Mental Health Center across the state to provide a variety of services to children and their families, as well as other agencies that serve young children. We provide assessments of mental health needs of children, age birth to five currently within the region. We provide therapeutic treatment services to children and/or their families. We collaborate with other service providers to assess the needs of children and their families. We foster community awareness of the need for mental health services. We provide outreach and instructional programs to caregivers and families through public and private child care centers and other organizations/providers.



(Interagency Mobilization Program for Adolescent and Child Treatment) provides resource development and service coordination to children and their families who have been accepted into the IMPACT program by the Regional Inter-Agency Council. The program provides support to a child in the least restrictive environment possible and establishes a community support system.



KRCC also offers an intensive summer program of therapeutic interventions, social skill practice activities and learning opportunities for children and youth with severe emotional disabilities.



Helps pregnant women find the assistance they need to have a happier, healthier pregnancy and baby. Our Enhanced Care Specialist understands how stressful pregnancy can be, and is there to listen and to help find the assistance you and your baby need. You can see a KIDS NOW Plus Enhanced Care Specialist at any time during your pregnancy and for up to two months after delivery.



Works to ensure an integrated system of care for youth involved with, or who are at-risk of, involvement with the courts because of substance abuse through a grant funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The program works to provide links between the legal community, service providers and community partners.


THE SEWELL CENTER (Focus Recovery Center)

Provides residential treatment for male and female adolescents ages 12-17. Services include individual, group and family counseling, alcohol/drug education, relapse prevention, recreation, referrals and case management.

Youth Transitioning to Adulthood Resources