24 Hr Crisis / Information Hotline


KRCC is a nonprofit Community Mental Health Center dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people of our region.

We help individuals and families in the eight counties of the Kentucky River region by providing, Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse and Trauma Services.

KRCC seeks to promote public safety, boost economic well-being and improve community and individual quality of life.

Since 1969, KRCC has been addressing health issues by identifying needs, bringing people together, forming community partnerships, identifying resources to fund solutions and seeking changes in the overall health environment.

KRCC has a team of over 536 experienced and caring service providers in 58 operating sites across all eight counties.

KRCC provides client centered care designed to ensure that each individual gets the care and attention they need, in a manner that is sensitive to their desires, regardless of ability to pay. Our services include: assessment, referral, individual and group therapy, consultation, education, residential treatment, aftercare and case management. Our services are confidential and our priority is to serve our clients, care for their health and honor their individual rights. Transportation can even be arranged for many of our programs.

We collaborate with local organizations on innovative solutions, to pool our resources to serve the region. Our work often influences local, state and national policy. KRCC also consistently reinvests in the area through its reliance on local vendors and service providers.