24 Hr Crisis / Information Hotline


The Kentucky River Community Care (KRCC) Regional Prevention Center (RPC) assists in planning and promoting a comprehensive alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention services in the center's eight-county region through the utilization of the Strategic Prevention Framework.


KRCC Regional Prevention Center provides education and training for adults on the effects of alcohol and other drug abuse. Prevention services are provided at worksites, churches, schools, and other sites in the community. Emphasis is placed on training adults who are in positions to encourage and support youth in making healthy choices. Services for children and youth emphasize the development of healthy foundations for decisions regarding alcohol/ drug use. Consultation and training are provided for schools, agencies, and organizations that support healthy environments. The RPC serves as a primary source of drug information for all communities in the region. Services include a resource library and the distribution of printed materials and audiovisuals. For more information call 866-213-8739 or 606-436-4124. The Prevention Library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located off of Hwy. 15N. at Little Grapevine Creek Road in Hazard, Kentucky.


Early Intervention Program

The RPC collaborates with the juvenile justice system to provide a diversion program for youth who have violated a school alcohol or other drug related policy or who have been cited for an alcohol or other drug related charge. The Early Intervention Program provides education, screening, and referral services for the juvenile and parents. The Early Intervention Program also serves as the legally-required program for youth/young adults under 21 who violate the Under 21 DUI-Zero Tolerance law.



KIDS NOW Plus helps identify and provide services for women at risk for substance use during pregnancy. Participants are screened and offered prevention, intervention, or treatment services. The prevention services provide information on reducing harm to the baby from substance use during pregnancy along with reducing risk for developing an alcohol or drug use problem across the lifespan. The Enhanced Care Specialist can assist with linking you to services for you and your baby. The services are available throughout your pregnancy and for up to two months after delivery.